Independent Broker Dealer Consortium

Mitigate the Risk: Best Practices for Employee, Client and Third Party Due Diligence in the Financial Services Industry

Hiring the right talent, maintaining accountability for those you hire, and managing through the complex regulatory landscape has never been more important – and more challenging- for financial institutions.

Compliance Risk Concepts (CRC) partnered with Sterling Talent Solutions, a leader in global background screening, to publish the white paper, “Employee, Client and Third Party Due Diligence: The Cost of Ineffective Monitory Procedures.

We share the importance for the financial services industry to have the correct ongoing due diligence procedures in place for new hires, clients, third-party partnerships, and vendor relationships. Operating with stale knowledge makes you vulnerable to increased operational and reputational risk, as well as potentially exposing client and firm resources and information to fraud and misappropriation.

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