Independent Broker Dealer Consortium

The Independent Broker Dealer Consortium is unique in breaking down typical industry barriers, and freely exchanging vital info. Our focus is on gathering top experts, plus RIA and IBDs of varying sizes, then bringing them together to share best information/practices/assets that will protect their business in an increasingly complicated legal and regulatory environment.

“Going it alone” is a risk that smart companies avoid. IBDC fills in the blanks via our powerful consortium of thought-leaders and professionals across key industries.

who we are

The IBDC was created to provide Independent Broker Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors access to a community of professionals with demonstrated expertise in services geared to this specific financial community.

Let IBDC become your "go to" resource for best in class:
legal, compliance, regulatory, cybersecurity, insurance and technology experts.



IBDC is a cooperative organization that supports the IBD and RIA communities through meaningful relationships and powerful solutions to the legal, regulatory, cyber security, insurance, technology and compliance challenges of the industry.


IBDC will aggregate essential services that the industry needs to sustain their businesses amidst rapidly-changing standards and requirements. Through partnerships with specialists, and with service providers we trust, we’ll offer vital services to our members at negotiated rates.

lilian morvay intro

lilian a.morvay

Principal and Founder of Independent Broker Dealer Consortium, LLC (“IBDC”)

Lilian is the founder of the IBDC. An attorney, with over 17 years of expertise in the RIA/IBD field, she saw the need for people in the business to meet and share experiences, contacts and resources within this fast-moving environment.

It began with the IBDC risk management conference and has morphed into a multifaceted resource platform of talented industry professionals that support IBDs and RIAs.

The IBDC is not a law firm, and provides neither legal services nor advice. The IBDC is not a compliance, regulatory or cyber security consultant; we do not make referrals and are not responsible for services rendered by the professionals in our network. No network participant is responsible for services rendered by any other participant; IBDC does not refer clients to any particular network participant. Our list of participants is not to be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.
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