Independent Broker Dealer Consortium


Membership in IBDC offers multiple resources that provide seamless support for your business. It’s the most efficient way to navigate complex industry challenges, without “flying blind.”


As a member of the IBDC, gain instant access to a vibrant industry “brain trust.” Here’s just a small sample of what Membership brings you:
  • News Flashes: Get ahead of the curve with the most current findings.
  • Webinars: Listen, watch, participate in convenient online sessions.
  • Case studies: Learn from others in the industry.
  • Policy reviews: Ensure you’re covered amidst rapidly-changing standards and laws.
  • Consulting services: Find outstanding professionals, recommended by our members.
  • Top industry contacts: Add these to your network!
  • Hotline support: Leading experts offer quick answers to your pressing questions.
Why wait? Membership in the Independent Broker Dealer Consortium offers you instant access to thought-leaders, expert advice and peace of mind for your business.
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