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Introducing Bates Investor Risk Assessment – Protect Your Firm and Its Most Vulnerable Investors

Bates Group LLC announces the introduction of Bates Investor Risk Assessment (BIRA), a unique breakthrough program to protect broker-dealers and registered investment advisors (RIAs) and their vulnerable clients — seniors and retirees, minors, and those with diminished capacity — while continuing to meet regulatory expectations.

“Protecting vulnerable investors is a priority for all firms and regulators. Our exclusive new risk assessment program employs a systematic analytical approach to address the growing risks for these individuals,” said Robert Lavigne, Managing Director of Bates Group’s Compliance Solutions.

Through the BIRA program, Bates Group assists broker-dealers and RIAs to proactively identify high-risk accounts so that firms can promptly take preventive measures. The BIRA program focuses on the use of specialized analytics to identify key risk indicators, some of which may lie buried in firm data, and highlight individual at-risk investors, or high-risk areas, for review. Recommendations, including customized models to integrate multiple data types, and addressing issues of governance, escalation protocols, process flows and reporting, may also be developed to help keep firms and their clients from potential exposure and harm.

BIRA helps guard vulnerable investors from potential bad actors and helps protect broker-dealers and RIAs from inefficient use of resources, legal exposure, reputational harm, regulatory penalties, and financial loss.

Bates Group is a national leader in providing vulnerable and senior investor expertise, expert testimony, and analytical techniques to help financial services firms manage risk, minimize regulatory scrutiny, and prevent fraud and reputational harm. For more information, visit the BIRA service page on or call 1 (888) 960-2809.

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