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Expert Spotlight: David S. Zweighaft

David Zweighaft (CPA/CFF, CFE) is a Fraud Subject Matter Expert with over twenty-five years’ experience serving the legal and financial services communities as both a consultant and expert witness. He has extensive expertise in Accounting, Auditing, Project Management and Financial Reporting, with an emphasis on investigating financial statement misrepresentations, assessing the effectiveness of internal controls and studying their impact on operational efficiencies.
Based in New York, David provides law firms, financial services firms and government clients with litigation consulting services including conducting investigations, performing analyses and calculating economic damages, and performing due diligence reviews. As an expert witness, David has testified in matters involving hedge funds, broker-dealers and real estate deals. He is affiliated with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and has written extensively on the subjects of fraud and forensic accounting. See full bio.
David is the author of the recent article “Business email compromise and executive impersonation: are financial institutions exposed?”, which appears in Volume 18 Issue 1 of the Journal of Investment Compliance (published by Emerald Publishing Limited in the UK). It is adapted from an original reportissued by AICPA and has been updated to address specifics concerning financial institutions.

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