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In 1986, Arthur Kaufman left a large law firm in Manhattan to join three colleagues and start a boutique labor and employment law firm on Long Island. His intention was to improve the quality of life for his family and to create something he could be proud of. Over the course of 30 years, KDV has grown from a four-person labor and employment law boutique into a nationwide law firm with marquee private and insurance clients in the United States, Bermuda and United Kingdom. Since day one, KDV has established a reputation for first-class legal representation and client service, and has been the standard in which our attorneys operate today. The first two clients ever brought on by Arthur Kaufman – Constellation Brands and We Transport – are still with the firm. It is this model of consistency that has allowed the firm to grow every year since its inception. “I am heartened today to see that our vision and hard work has paid off, both for our clients and for the lawyers who call KDV home,” said Arthur R. Kaufman, founder of the firm. Today, the firm is known for two major practices – Labor & Employment and Insurance Coverage & Litigation – and has expanded its practices to Professional Liability, Construction, Financial Services, Cyber Security, Maritime and Shared Economy. KDV has strategically grown its practice to 9 offices nationwide, following clients to emerging marketplaces across the country. Our attorneys apply their diverse background as legal practitioners and litigators on all areas of law to provide clients the most innovative and cost-effective solutions. With over 100 attorneys and counting, KDV boasts a roster of versatile lawyers that ensure each client matter receives the finest of the firm’s collective competencies and capabilities.


Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck (“KDV”) is committed to promoting diversity through active recruitment, development, and retention of individuals with distinct backgrounds. Our wide-ranging talent pool of lawyers and staff merge diverse experiences, rich cultures, and varied educational achievements. As we grow, we remain committed to our mission by continually searching for ways to broaden and enhance our diversity-initiative efforts. Our firm takes active steps to improve its diversity within both our offices and our external networks. In May of 2016, KDV was ranked 28th in Law360’s “Top 100 Firms for Minority Attorneys.” The survey considers firms’ minority representation at the partner and non-partner levels and its total number of minority attorneys. Law360 ranked firms by examining a variety of factors, including the percentage of partners, both equity and non-equity, who are minorities; the percentage of associate-level attorneys who are minorities; and the total number of minority attorneys at the firm. “As KDV celebrates its 30th anniversary, it is very gratifying to see the results of the firm’s diversity efforts, it has become part of our fabric and culture and we strive to improve every day.” said Michael A. Kaufman, co-managing partner of KDV. “We value diverse opinions around our tables and we know our clients do as well. We will continue our efforts to recruit and retain diverse attorneys.” KDV continues to raise awareness of the benefits of a diverse workforce and provides an environment allowing each team member to succeed. KDV attorneys are actively involved with the Hispanic National Bar Association, Asian American Bar Association, Korean American Lawyers Association, National Asian Pacific American Bar Association, and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, to name a few. Within KDV, a number of our attorneys are fluent in a variety of languages, including: Spanish, Chinese, Persian, French, Dari, Russian, Farsi and Tagalog.

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