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AI Insight is the industry’s online go-to resource for alternative investment research, training and compliance support. Join the thousands of advisors and financial firms who have increased their knowledge and confidence with new product offerings on our platform.


In today’s regulatory-centric environment, it is imperative for firms to remain competitive and appeal to high net worth clients and top advisor talent.


Access to research, training and compliance support gives you the additional confidence and documentation tools needed to expand into diverse product lines – all backed by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of alternative investment professionals.


AI Insight provides the tools, resources and information you need to provide consistent alternative investment analysis and training—and keep it up to date.

Regulatory-compliant research and training

Financial firms and advisors can perform thorough, independent analysis of hundrends of alternative investments, including alternative mutual funds, before presenting them to clients. For the products that meet your criteria, firms can require online prospectus-and PPM-based training from their advisors—customized to their particular requirements.

360-degree alternative investment platform

Benefit from a 360-degree alternative investment platform that allows you to perform research, customize regulatory-compliant training, store detailed compliance documentation and connect with other high-level industry professionals—all on one convenient, online platform.

In-depth alternative investment knowledge

AI Insight’s team of alternative investment product, research and customer service professionals bring in-depth knowledge representing a variety of sectors, such as real estate, private equity and hedge funds—enabling you to efficiently add alternative investments to your product line.

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