IBDC-RIAC is a grassroots organization comprised of IBDs and RIAs and the experts who support them.
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Our mission 

Our mission is to create an organization that is proactive in addressing the needs and challenges of the IBD and RIA businesses by sharing our accumulated experience and knowledge.  

Our organization 

Our organization, the IBDC-RIAC Alliance Members, is comprised of nationally recognized security defense attorneys, compliance and regulatory consultants, cybersecurity specialists, ERISA experts and insurance professionals who focus on supporting IBDs and RIAs.

Membership is available for IBDs and RIAs who value collaborating with industry thought leaders looking for solutions and not just reacting to industry events that impact these businesses.
IBDs and RIAs can’t navigate the ever increasingly complicated regulatory and legal environment alone. IBDC-RIAC is breaking down the barriers between competing firms to encourage an open exchange of ideas that lead to concrete solutions. We encourage open communication amongst IBDS, RIAs, the Alliance members as well as the insurance professionals that insure IBDs and RIAs to identify areas of concern and the means to effectively address them.


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The best defense is a strong offense. Before an issue develops into a legal matter, cybersecurity breach, or insurance concern, reach out to a specialist via the IBDC-RIAC hotline. This service, which is available to IBDC-RIAC members, provides access to all of the Alliance members on the network, who will respond to a legal, compliance, cybersecurity, or insurance inquiry within 48 hours. This benefit is complimentary and invaluable if you need to reach out to someone and don’t know who to turn to.

In the event you need to retain any of our IBDC-RIAC Alliance members, we have negotiated rates for IBDC-RIAC members.

IBDC-RIAC is also supporting the IBD and RIA businesses by: the creation of litigation teams amongst our Alliance members, who collaborate on legal matters common to many of our IBD and RIA members; scheduling roundtable discussions amongst industry thought leaders designed to focus on solutions; developing insurance solutions for IBDs and RIAs, and; presenting webinars and publishing whitepapers on current topics of interest to this industry.