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Founded in 1933, Mound Cotton Wollan & Greengrass LLP is among the oldest and most respected law firms in New York City, offering preeminent legal services in a wide array of practice areas.
Headquartered in New York’s financial district, MCWG is engaged primarily in the conduct of insurance, reinsurance, and commercial litigation. Although we are still best known for our insurance and reinsurance practices, over the years our traditional strengths have broadened as our clients’ needs have evolved.
MCWG has achieved national and international prominence. Our expanding practice has enabled us to keep abreast of significant legal developments both in the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions so that we can give immediate attention to the worldwide needs of our clients.
The heart of our success lies with our attorneys. Located in New York, New Jersey, California, and Florida, they take pride in providing efficient and responsive service in all legal matters.
Our attorneys have broad experience and expertise extending across many areas of the law. Because we have lawyers skilled in transactional and regulatory as well as litigated matters, we are able to pool our talents to meet the needs of our clients..

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