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Colleagues for the past 10 years, Richard D'Amura and Lydia Zaidman have developed a balanced and effective working relationship that they now bring to lead D'Amura & Zaidman, PLLC. Combined, they have represented securities firms and financial professionals in hundreds of legal matters in state and federal court, and FINRA Dispute Resolution. Harnessing their combined experience, Mr. D'Amura and Ms. Zaidman have extensive knowledge of risk avoidance, compliance, supervision, FINRA and SEC rules, and state and federal securities laws. Their experience enables them to skillfully handle customer disputes, industry and protocol disputes as well as expungement proceedings and regulatory investigations.
D'Amura & Zaidman, PLLC have substantial experience navigating complex commercial, securities and employment litigation with a primary focus on securities litigation and regulation. Capitalizing on decades of experience serving as outside and in-house counsel in the financial services arena, D'Amura & Zaidman, PLLC represent broker/dealers, financial advisors, and registered investment advisors.

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